Queen of Versaille

The Queen of Versaille by Lauren Greenfield (2012) by Lauren Greenfieldqueen-of-versailles-web-banner

The opening sequence provided of their mega-mansion. We are then introduced to both Jackie & David each with their own different backgrounds of different room within the house. David was sitting on a ‘golden chair’ in what looks like a living room, this shown that he was ‘The Boss’ and the king in his house in his all mighty throne. You also saw in the background from his chair several expensive ornaments showing that he and the family are very wealthy. Jackie’s was somewhat different with a posh soft chair with footrest with her Pomeranian dog on her lap behind her was a bed which displayed loads of pillows and expensive ornaments.

They then show us the house-maid on how she lives with her tiny wage from the family, and that she hasn’t seen her son in years.

The middle and ending, however, takes a different turn where we see that David and Jackie have to sell there un-completed Versaille mansion and their private jets, etc to pay back to the bankers.

The documentary then goes on displaying photos and archive footage from both their lives before all their riches as kids and young adults with a dialogue of both David and Jackie talking about their lives. The archive footage uses medium shots of Jackie as Miss America and of the cheque displayed, this was where Jackie had met David.

There was the use of wide angle shots to display the size of the mansion. They used a pan up and down hand-held when Jackie is talking about her previous pets and how she has a pet commentary from them with their own stones near the house. They also used this shoot to show Jackie when she is talking about shoes. They shots within the Westgate Hotel varied from medium shots of the rooms to close-ups of the leaflets and reception area of them handing a Disney ticket and of logo such as the Rolls Royce car. They tend to use a lot of medium shots when displaying Jackie and David home life when interviewing the kids and the house maid as well as them displaying the house. They show us a pan during the conference at Westgate Hotel. The majority of the documentary was handle-held and amateur, some shaky and one of the first shots showed it trying to focus on the subject. They used orchestra and harp type music throughout the documentary, which portrays posh. The lighting was very basic, I didn’t feel that the interviews had three-point lighting.

I overall thought that the subject was interesting but the camera work was  amateur.