Talk to Me (2006) Documentary


Talk to Me is a short documentary on Mark Craig, were in 1985  he bought an answering machine in which he kept every recording for 20 years.

The conversations recorded via Sound FX is a collection of family, friends and antiquates of a collection of conversations from them all.  Through the conversation they used visuals of photographs of the people who spoke on the documentary. For this shot by Ken Morse they used rostroom camera which is used for a moving platform for artwork and is used to animate a picture. The rostroom camera moves on a lower platform in which the article being filmed is placed above on a column to show the photos. You can then take it to an editing software to put visual effects over it which is featured in this documentary using text. They used a lot of pans and zooms in photos.

They also used soundtracks to decade of the voice-mails and  the relation to the subject.