Week 9 – 24/03/17 to 31/03/17

This week I felt I moved forward slightly in filming my next part of my documentary, where I interviewed several people which in some way knew about competitive gaming.  I captured 3 interviews to use within my documentary. On the 14th April 2017, I plan to film at a gaming café/social area within Glasgow which hosts regular tournaments and game nights for avid gamers which will be the last bit of filming for this unit. Below is a screenshot of one of my interviews for which I feel is slightly over exposed in ISO, during editing I will colour grade these interviews so that there is less exposure.

I spent this week also writing out my script for my V/O for my documentary + a new set of questions for Megabytes Staff and customers as well as put the finishing touches on my research for my motion title. I need to complete a storyboard for the composition so after break/creative break – I will go straight into putting my motion graphic together.

  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?
  2. Are you aware of competitive gaming if YES what got you into competitive gaming and why?
  3. What platform do you play on and why?
  4. How long have you played competitively? (if played)
  5. Are you aware of the money side of competitive gaming?
  6. Would you play competitively for money or do you prefer playing in your spare time and why?
  7. Finally, what would you say to others wanting to get into competitive gaming?

” Competitive Gaming (e-sports) is a world of enthusiastic competitive gamers formed of organised multi-player video game competitions between professional players, the most common video game genres are fighting, first-person, shooter and battle arena  games, where you can catch these live events like Insomnia which streams popular and well-known tournament teams and players”



  1. What’s your name and what do you do at Megabytes?
  2. When did you first open?
  3. Could you tell us about Megabytes and what you offer?
  4.  Do you organise competitive events and if so what games do you regularly tournament?


  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?
  2. What brings you to Megabytes and why?
  3. Do you play games competitively?
  4. What games do you play competitively are you involved in any tournaments in Megabytes?
  5. How long have you played competitively?
  6. Are you aware of the career side to gaming?
  7. Finally, what would you say to others wanting to get into competitive gaming and getting involved at Megabytes?


I have rescheduled with Craig at Cumbernauld FM to do my work experience on Monday 10th April.

I have also outlined 2 days in which I’ll be going around Glasgow capturing footage at The West End, Barrowlands, etc in places that ‘Make Glasgow’ as my main focus and topic of my show-reel is ‘Glasgow’ and it’s scenery. I’ll be filming the first week of the Easter Holidays on Wed 5th April and Thursday 6th April for my show-reel and if I need anything else filmed I will be going straight from Megabytes on 14th April to the location needing to be filmed – if not completed within the two days of the first week of Easter Break.

I now feel at ease that I’ve scheduled dates for filming so when I come back after the holidays it just a matter of editing everything I’ve captured. I, however, have learnt from this not to leave things till last minute and that in future, I will schedule on a Google diary or on my phone – so that I’m properly organised.


Week 8 – 17/3/17 to 24/03/17

I have organised 3 interviews for my documentary on gaming in which I’m producing a script of questions for as well as producing my script for a V/O this week in preparation for filming on Wednesday 29th. Daryl Devine will be assisting me with Sound.  My final filming for my documentary will be at Megabytes which is a gaming café in Glasgow for gamers – which is used for organised tournaments for the locals and for general hanging out.  I will be also will be filming in the first week of the Easter holidays. I have also gained permission from them to use their clips/streams as cut-away during their interviews in which they have agreed on.

I will also be filming bits for my documentary during the first week of spring and the second week of spring. I aim to add bits of my promotional video within my show-reel.

I am also slowly developing my idea for my motion graphic production title, which I talked to Andrea’s about. I have decided to use pictures for my motion graphic of events I’ve been to as I feel this represents me, as I like to travel and go to different things & capture photos of that event.

My aim is to complete all my filming for both my documentary and show-reel plus its necessary paperwork for coming back after the Easter holidays so that it’s just a matter of spending the end of April and all of May editing it all.

Week 7 – 10/3/17 to 17/3/17

In Michael’s Class, we watched the second sequence on physiology in film from the documentary called ‘Pervert’s Guide to Cinema’ we have been learning this for about two weeks.  From watching these video clips I feel more confident and what to look for when/if discussing about physiology within my written critical analysis assignment.

I’m still in process of deciding dates and arranging suitable times to film. I need to get a move on and get my head down these next couple of weeks in regards to finishing filming for my short documentary as well as film for my show-reel and complete all the necessary paperwork in which is required. I want to get all my filming done by the end of Easter Break so when we come back, I can work on Creative Break and also all of May to edit both my documentary, show-reel and short work experience promotional video.

I still need to organise my work experience with Cumbernauld FM, where I need to produce and film content for a promotional video as well as having to get a separate contract signed for the 4 hours that I worked with Alan Moffat filming a rugby match in Stirling. Next week, I aim to get dates organised for filming.

Week 6 – 3/3/17 to 10/3/17

I’m very far behind with filming at the moment, so this month and next month – I will be dedicating my evenings and my time in the weekend capturing footage for both my GU show-reel and my documentary.

I watched ‘ The Perverts Guide to Cinema’ in my critical analysis class which focused on the psychoanalytic theory perspective within the film. I felt watching this helped me have a fuller grasp of physiology within film than it has before,

I’m slowly grasping how to work Adobe After Affects to make my opening titles for my production company. I have felt some of the tasks have been difficult and I haven’t been working as quick as I should, however I’ve been taking my time to grasp the software properly and complete the task effectively as I can, for this task we had to make a car move along with its wheels which I wasn’t able to finish so Andrea’s said we could all work on finishing it next week.

Week 5 – 24/2/2017 to 3/3/17

I discussed with Michael during GU my idea for my show-reel, Michael guided me by telling me that my idea might be too complex for my level and hard to capture as well as getting any of the necessary copyright clearances in place in time. I found this helped as I now have considered seeking music from HND Sound Production student Nikki, who is happy for her material to be used with credit given. I have thought about what I want to do which will be a bit more basic but will still consider locations within Glasgow.

For Work Experience, I discussed with Tommy in more detail about my objectives and what is needed to meet the brief, from here we also discussed dates in which is applicable to film at the radio station to meet the criteria of hours. From this, I have been thinking of ideas in which I’ll be discussing with Tommy who will then brief it to the

I need to schedule this, as I have to film a lot over the next couple of weeks. I will be developing a schedule of deadlines to meet so that when the end of April/May comes, I will be editing all my material. I find this would be beneficial as I find it hard to keep track of things.

I need to get on top of things in regards to scheduling and asking for assistance when required to help me with filming.