’13 Reasons Why’ Netflix Original Series

Throughout the March-April, I decided to watch ’13 Reasons Why’ based on recommendations on Netflix.  13 Reasons Why is a novel by ‘ Jay Asher’ adapted into a US TV series which explores a strong subject matter which is ‘suicide’. The story is about a young girl called ‘Hannah Baker’ just an everyday student at high school,  the story through cassette tapes tells us about the horrible events that lead up to ‘Hannah Bakers’ death.

Brief Summary:

Personally, this Netflix Series has been one of the one’s that has touched me and made me feel connected to show.  The series explores the series of events that lead up to Hannah Baker’s death through cassette tapes.  Clay was one of the many who was on that tape, including his friends who had listened to all the tapes to get to theirs.  It was Clay’s turn to listen to the tapes and we could see it through his eyes and emotions as he unravels each cassette.

Throughout the tapes, we are shown flashbacks to Hannah Baker’s school life. It wasn’t easy for Hannah as she was constantly targeted by bullies, let down by friends and witness her friend been raped &  had also been raped herself.

Her family life at home revolved around her parents only caring about the business and arguing – leaving Hannah feeling isolated and even more alone.  This show connected with me to a certain extent to that I faced bullying in school and outside of school & I was let down by friends.  It is hard to convey such a tough subject through television and 13RW had done it perfectly, there are certain bits that do need to be changed but otherwise, it covers the subject of ‘Bullying’ very well and is very well written.

13RW is now returning on to its second season.  I aspire to create movies which convey meaning and a message like 13RW has done.


Week 12 – 14/4/17 to 21/4/17

Tuesday 18th to 21st April was  Creative Week in which both HNC TV Production and HND collaborated with HND Sound Students and artist/bands to create a music video. The brief to meet was to make a music video to the client’s needs.

I worked with a band called ‘Snout’ in Group C, they sound they wanted to make a music video for was ‘Revolution’ they already had a small vision of what they wanted within their music video.  Day 1 we discussed their ideas and did some research, they wanted a 60’s  B&W look but with the use of trippy effects and pastel colours. The story was about friends driving their car and meeting up to deal ‘lettuce’ and smoke it.   The HNC TV students within my team had to leave at 1 pm due to commitments which meant that myself and John (HND TV) did some shoots backstage. We, however, did bring the ideas any further in discuss as to it telling a story or properly assign roles. 

Day 2,  Our group finally managed to get the story together and right up to a shot list of what needed to be filmed. Dale McLean took the lead of this and made sure that the client was 100% happy.  We still didn’t assign roles but decided between all of us that we would take turns filming the music video and backstage.  Dale McLean got a variety of interviews during Day 2 then we got during Day 1 and started to edit it as we couldn’t film the music video during this day as there was only two of us after lunch again due to other group members personal commitments. We identified that we couldn’t do the green screen in the car due to the weather and time constraints, we also identified the location that we were going to film at.

Day 3,  Group C filmed all of the music video scenes required at ‘Luggie Bank’ in Cumbernauld within the given time frame from 10 am to 2 pm. We collected a variety of scenes for the music video as well as clips of the behind scenes part of the music video.  We then went back to the college to wrangle the footage and hand it over to Albert who was in charge of editing from the clips we had captured. Dale continued to edit the BS footage.  The band also finished their final mix of the song ready for the music video.

The final day, we prepped our music video and transfer the file to Andrea’s Johnson ready for the 2 PM viewing of all groups music videos on creative break.

I felt that creative break overall within my group could’ve gone better, there wasn’t really anyone taking a lead and nothing was really organised which mean that the day of filming it was rushed and no time and patience was considered in achieving decent footage as well as trying to stick with the shot list written on Day 2.  The edit I felt could’ve gone better also as the shot list had to be changed to somehow create a story with the usable clips that we had got.  I did, however, enjoy working with other students in different sectors and levels and took away from this the experience with working to a client’s brief. I feel I could’ve taken a more prompt role within the project – however, I was able to learn more within camera cinematography.



Week 13 – 21/4/17 to 28/4/17

Friday 28th, we went over notes in preparation for our upcoming exam on copyright, in this class I learned.

I also updated my journal, which was lacking appeal within the theme and blog entries which I lacked over the spring period as well as not working on my LO1 and LO2 for critical analysis and mainly only focusing on my showreel footage and documentary within that break.

My main focus now is getting the assignments done and completed for critical analysis and rough edits complete as well as completing my motion graphic ready for the final cut for presentation on 9th June.

I wasn’t able to film for my work experience due to the strikes, so rescheduled till next Thursday. In Alan’s class on Wednesday, I learned how to use the tracking dolly on the floor with the Sony V1E which gave the smooth pull-focus look, I also edited a bit more of my documentary.


Week 11 – 7/4/17 to 14/4/17

Wednesday 12th April, I helped Daryl Devine film the second instalment of his movie from ‘The Fellowship of Theo’ here I helped to set up the lights, give suggestions and also record the dialogue spoken by Sam McKay for sound. Unfortunately, due to illness, we couldn’t film everything that we had planned for the day of this shot.

Thursday 13th April, I filmed the final part of my documentary at ‘Megabytes Cafe’ in Glasgow which is just behind St Enoch. I spent from 10 am to 2 pm capturing cut-aways and two interviews within the cafe, unfortunately,  it wasn’t busy enough and there wasn’t a lot of customers during this time, however, I managed to get some decent interviews.

I felt, however, it was slightly overly rushed and I did not pay attention to the interview shots as much as they were both slightly out of focus on the subjects, however, I was overall pleased with the interviews and some of the cut-aways that I go to the cafe.

I then went back to the college to hand the equipment in and helped film ‘The Fellowship of Theo’ part two instalment were the cast we needed on the first day were able to attend. Here I helped set-up and dismantle the equipment as I only came in during the hours/minutes of filming.


Week 10 – 31/03/17 to 7/4/17

This is the first week of the Easter Holidays on Wednesday 5th April, I went to Glasgow to film some shots for my show-reel.  I met up with Daryl Devine, were we went to the East End of Glasgow and filmed at several locations –

  • Ashton Lane
  • Glasgow University (Outside The Grounds and Inside)

I got some really good DOP shots at Ashton Lane but mostly in Glasgow University where I captured the essence of spring with the daffodils and the culture of what makes Glasgow fit my treatment for my show-reel.

Thursday 6th April was my second day of filming my show-reel, I again met up with Daryl Devine in which we both went to the Glasgow Green to capture shots around the park such as the ‘Common Wealth’ Olympic statue, the botanical gardens & the park’s wildlife.

Through having Daryl Devine and also researching and studying beforehand, I felt more confident in setting up the camera that shots I have done previously in the past with the Canon DSLRs, although I wish for these two days of shooting my show-reel that I had a mixture of lenses than just the fixed prime lens. I also could’ve added in an extra day to go elsewhere to film as I had the equipment extended to keep over the weekend.