Week 14 – 28/4/17 to 5/5/17

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

I spent my day fixing my critical analysis assessment and making sure it was pristine and that everything was covered for submitting, I wasn’t entirely confident with both assignments, I was still working towards finishing my LO1, however, I submitted my LO2 ready for marking.  I worked on a trailer for Doctor Doctor for my LO1 assignment.

Thursday 4th May 2017

For Work Experience, I am involved making a promotional video for Cumbernauld FM. I went during the morning of Thursday 4th May to film within the studios. I spoke to George, one of the radio morning broadcasters who broadcasts the ‘golden hour’. I interviewed George about the radio station, where people can find them, what shows and events are on, etc. I also got some cut-aways of gorge recording and using the equipment.  For this, I used prime lenses and experimented with different shoots.  I had Andrew Irvine helping me with sound.  I felt the shoot could’ve gone better in regards to perhaps more shots and steady shots as well as more shots from the tripod but with the size of the station I was limited. I feel that I’ve got a good amount of footage, however, I would like to get an interview with  ‘Tommy Marshall’ a broadcaster on one of his shows that he does at Cumbernauld FM.  I also finished off my LO1 ready for submitting for marking, again not 100% confident.



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