Week 15 – 5/5/17 to 12/5/17

This week, I focused on completing my LO3 which was due for submission was I picked ‘Miss Congeniality’ to study.

I, however, completed half of the assignment but didn’t understand what framework I was supposed to put in and how many.  The presentation on Mahara had several – which I thought for LO3 you had to implement all of these frameworks, slightly confused I did half and the next day spoke to Micheal about it in our Wednesday class. He explained to myself and the rest of the class what we needed to do, I had brought in the DVD of the film I was analysing that day so during class I had a head start to finish when I got home.  We were given an extended deadline which was the Friday 12/5/17, I submitted on a Thursday evening for marking. I personally don’t feel 100% confident with all these assignments and feel that there are key elements missing within it.

I have also been working on add clips within my show-reel to make it flow, I still do not have a suitable royalty free/non-copyrighted soundtrack yet, however, I do have a short basis of clips which cover a wide range of shoots.

I feel that I’m getting there, with the work eventually but I am stressed at the same time with all the strikes that are going on – especially with deadlines coming up. I feel rather rushed with completing thins and not making them to the best standards.


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