Week 16 – 12/5/15 to 19/5/15

I have been working hard on both completing a short rough edit for both my documentary and show-reel both are gradually getting there. I am blessed with some of the shots that I have got for my content development and research unit for my documentary on gaming.  I, however, feel that from my presentation and treatment that it has slightly changed and is focusing more on Gaming within Glasgow as a whole.

I have to, however, film the interviews again that I got to college, as during the process of factory resetting my laptop, I realised that I’m missing the sound clips for interviews. I am happy to do the interviews again as the composition of the shots and the area in which it was filmed wasn’t very good.  I am re-shooting these on Thursday 18/05/17 during lunch time, along with getting Adam Norvah from sound production to do my V/O’s for me.  Once I get home, I will be editing these last key elements within my documentary to be able to submit a rough.

I am working on multiple things at the moment, my main priority currently being my documentary and my graded unit. I am currently working towards finishing my motion graphic title within 2 days, starting on Thursday 18/05/17 and finishing next week on 24/05/17. I am also working on finishing my work experience unit and producing a quick rough, my aim is to have all edits finalised by Monday 5th June to a good quality standard.

I feel that my journal is also lacking my own media of what I have done throughout the course of 2 years in NCL.  I will be adding my motion title once finished and my documentary/show-reel once finalised. I’ll be also adding some of the stuff I worked on within work experience to bulk up my page to show future employees or university interviewers what I can do.  I am hoping that this year my camera work shows more strength than it did last year, where I was only just getting used to new equipment as during my previous course in Stirling I didn’t use all the latest industry equipment or editing software.  I’ll also be adding what my inspiration was behind some of my projects as well adding reviews of some shows/films that I have been watching.  I am currently working my inspiration for the Netflix TV series ’13 Reasons Why’ which has become popular and most talked about the show recently.



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