Week 17 – 19/5/17 to 26/5/17

I have to film my interview with Shaun and Caitlin again this week as well as going back up to Cumbernauld FM to film Craig as I accidentally put the SD with the footage into the CD slot of the Mac. This was a bit of a set back for me as I had to wait the following week to re-shot these.  However, I managed to re-shoot the footage and put it on my hard drive ready for editing.

I haven’t made a start on my work experience edit as I’m concentrating on having a final for both my documentary and show-reel. I will, however, concentrate next week on producing a quick promotional next week to be completed before 9th June at the latest so that I can get feedback for the last outcome and get the unit marked as completed.

We had a peer review on 19th, where we looked through everyone’s rough assemble of their show-reel and gave feedback for room to improve for the final edit due for presentation on 9th June.  I’m not too far off finishing my rough assemble for my documentary my aim is to have the rough next week and continue to work on my final within college time and after college on Thursday as well as getting a MacBook from the library to work on it within the weekend.

We also revised over notes for the next Law and Communication exam, which will be taking on 2nd June.

I’m overall not so confident on my documentary but more on my show-reel than anything. I do not feel that there is enough substance or drive within my documentary which shows my lack of motivation and heart for the subject.  My show-reel, however, is good but needs improvement in regards to shoots, colour correction and pacing the video to the beat. From watching my other peers show-reel it helped me gauge what I needed to improve on to work towards making my show-reel quality and editing wise

I am pleased with the idea of my motion graphic, however, it doesn’t feel very colour or vibrant enough and I could’ve experimented more if I had more time. It took me 2 days to assemble a moving carousel as I was overly rushing with instructions however, I did manage to complete the task leaving me with just adding my title and contact info as well as the soundtrack next week.

I will be working very hard over the next week on completing all my final edits, including my motion graphic.


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