Cumbernauld FM (Promotional Video)


Brief Summary:

Cumbernauld FM promotional video for work experience.


Show-reel (Fine Cut)

Brief Summary:

Cinematography with several captured footage from over the years (fine cut) for Graded Unit 2.

Week 19 – 2/6/17 to 9/6/17

This week, I put the final touches to my documentary and show-reel for the final cut. I am overall satisfied with my fine cuts – however, I do feel that they could have been better quality wise and the way they were shot and sequenced, especially the documentary. I don’t feel there is much drive for the documentary and that it kind of wanders into different parts instead of focusing on one core subject/location/area.  I felt it personally lacked attention with both editing and filming from lack of focus and leaving things till last minute which I was bad for doing back in HNC.  I do feel that this is a step from HNC level though and that somewhat I have improved from then.  My goal once I’ve finished college is to find full-time work as well as applying to be a runner for a part of a production. I feel that the course and lectures as a whole have guided me throughout the past 2 years – providing support and guidance within my work and been critical when they feel improvement is needed. I have always needed that extra push, as do many – procrastinate and end up rushing last minute.

I feel that the course and lectures as a whole have guided me throughout the past 2 years – providing support and guidance within my work and been critical when they felt improvement is needed. I have always needed that extra push, as do many who like myself procrastinate and end up rushing last minute.  This has prepared me for the world of work and has helped me find myself as a person and matured me in where I consider myself in the next few years.

My final cut of my show-reel is slightly better,  I took my peers and lecturers advice on board and tried to implement that in my show-reel. The lack of footage again in this is a let down as I felt for ‘Cinematography’ there could have been different shoots instead of the same/similar ones. I am overall satisfied with my show-reel and felt that I added as much of my peer’s comments suggestions within this.

I have also finished my promotional video for work experience, I am overall not satisfied with this but pleased with the footage that I captured.  Due to time constraints, I decided to make it a music promo with no dialogue. I did not have time to edit most clips to a professional standard and film also as there were more presenters within the station that were there at different times in the week – which I was not available for most.


Doctor Doctor (Australian Drama)

‘Doctor Doctor’ an Australian Television Drama set in a small town called ‘Mudgee’ is another many of my inspirations in Australian within film-making.  Doctor Doctor currently has one season out with 10 episodes. Doctor Doctor is filled with likeable characters that have a sense of humour, its location gives you that feeling of warmth and security as you can see that the community are all in good spirits and know each other.

There is a great use of camera work within this including, lighting and story-line. Although a serious job as ‘doctor’ – there is an element of comedy which keeps it funny. The show is also well written.

YouTube Generation (HNC Short Film)

Jessica a YouTube Fanatic and gamer decides she wants to become YouTube Famous after she stumbles upon iJustine’s videos. Jessica becomes inspired and decides she wants to make her own YouTube recipes. Will she become the next YouTube Star?

Personal Feedback:
I did this short film ‘YouTube Generation’  during my HNC level, I felt I lacked technical skills and narrative as well as poor quality editing and colour correction. I’m overall not pleased with this project as felt it lacked quality in regards to my filming and organisational skills. This helped me push myself more and concentrate when going back in to HND, to be able to shoot better quality videos.

Week 18 – 26/5/17 to 2/6/16

This week, I’m working on assembling a rough edit for my documentary. I got my lecturer looking over it to see what I needed to include and improve on, Alan Moffat gave me some advice to fill in the awkward blanks by recording a robot like a voice-over which he kindly volunteered to do for me. He also told me to add footage of clips of when the Megabytes Staff/Interviews are talking about certain subjects.    I’m not too overly confident on the documentary and still feel that it’s lacking taste, however, within the time constraints I am pleased with what I have so far. My aim for completion of my final of this is 7th June, along with submitting it appropriate paperwork.

My aim is to have a final edit of my show-reel by 4th June, ready for next week’s presentation for both the movie night to display our work and also during the GU presentation.  I am hoping to obtain a ‘B’ for my Graded Unit.

Wednesday Morning, I have assembled the video for Cumbernauld FMs promo – I felt I could’ve implemented more interviews within this – but due to lack of time and not been able to get certain presenters on days I was available, I couldn’t do this. I stuck to my two interviews which I have compiled of both presenter ‘George’ and ‘Craig’ along with the logo and sound fx of introducing Cumbernauld FM, I have used pictures and clips as cut-aways over the interviews fading out to contact details and address at the end. I have also included a  royalty free soundtrack within the edit.

I have spread out the re-sit amendments for my LO1-LO3 of critical analysis over 3 days working on them at night time from 31st May-2nd June so that next week, they can be signed off.

I have finished my motion graphic title for my production company.

I am overall satisfied with the graphic, however, feel that some elements could have gone better, due to time constraints I wasn’t able to implement more motion, which makes my graphic look pretty basic, overall pleased with the final project.

As this course draws to a close, I feel privileged to have work along side some amazing students as well as working with lectures that have had previous experience in the industry. It has been a learning curve for me these past 2 years at NCL.  Even though at timed I struggled, I pushed myself harder and tried better. I do feel that if I concentrated and stuck with deadlines properly that the detail of my work could’ve been better, I have seen slight process within my work as I’ve processed on to HND but still feel that it could’ve been better.  Overall, I am privileged to have been able to have this opportunity to learn and gain skills as well as contacts in the industry that I love which is HND TV production.