Week 18 – 26/5/17 to 2/6/16

This week, I’m working on assembling a rough edit for my documentary. I got my lecturer looking over it to see what I needed to include and improve on, Alan Moffat gave me some advice to fill in the awkward blanks by recording a robot like a voice-over which he kindly volunteered to do for me. He also told me to add footage of clips of when the Megabytes Staff/Interviews are talking about certain subjects.    I’m not too overly confident on the documentary and still feel that it’s lacking taste, however, within the time constraints I am pleased with what I have so far. My aim for completion of my final of this is 7th June, along with submitting it appropriate paperwork.

My aim is to have a final edit of my show-reel by 4th June, ready for next week’s presentation for both the movie night to display our work and also during the GU presentation.  I am hoping to obtain a ‘B’ for my Graded Unit.

Wednesday Morning, I have assembled the video for Cumbernauld FMs promo – I felt I could’ve implemented more interviews within this – but due to lack of time and not been able to get certain presenters on days I was available, I couldn’t do this. I stuck to my two interviews which I have compiled of both presenter ‘George’ and ‘Craig’ along with the logo and sound fx of introducing Cumbernauld FM, I have used pictures and clips as cut-aways over the interviews fading out to contact details and address at the end. I have also included a  royalty free soundtrack within the edit.

I have spread out the re-sit amendments for my LO1-LO3 of critical analysis over 3 days working on them at night time from 31st May-2nd June so that next week, they can be signed off.

I have finished my motion graphic title for my production company.

I am overall satisfied with the graphic, however, feel that some elements could have gone better, due to time constraints I wasn’t able to implement more motion, which makes my graphic look pretty basic, overall pleased with the final project.

As this course draws to a close, I feel privileged to have work along side some amazing students as well as working with lectures that have had previous experience in the industry. It has been a learning curve for me these past 2 years at NCL.  Even though at timed I struggled, I pushed myself harder and tried better. I do feel that if I concentrated and stuck with deadlines properly that the detail of my work could’ve been better, I have seen slight process within my work as I’ve processed on to HND but still feel that it could’ve been better.  Overall, I am privileged to have been able to have this opportunity to learn and gain skills as well as contacts in the industry that I love which is HND TV production.


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