Doctor Doctor (Australian Drama)

‘Doctor Doctor’ an Australian Television Drama set in a small town called ‘Mudgee’ is another many of my inspirations in Australian within film-making.  Doctor Doctor currently has one season out with 10 episodes. Doctor Doctor is filled with likeable characters that have a sense of humour, its location gives you that feeling of warmth and security as you can see that the community are all in good spirits and know each other.

There is a great use of camera work within this including, lighting and story-line. Although a serious job as ‘doctor’ – there is an element of comedy which keeps it funny. The show is also well written.


’13 Reasons Why’ Netflix Original Series

Throughout the March-April, I decided to watch ’13 Reasons Why’ based on recommendations on Netflix.  13 Reasons Why is a novel by ‘ Jay Asher’ adapted into a US TV series which explores a strong subject matter which is ‘suicide’. The story is about a young girl called ‘Hannah Baker’ just an everyday student at high school,  the story through cassette tapes tells us about the horrible events that lead up to ‘Hannah Bakers’ death.

Brief Summary:

Personally, this Netflix Series has been one of the one’s that has touched me and made me feel connected to show.  The series explores the series of events that lead up to Hannah Baker’s death through cassette tapes.  Clay was one of the many who was on that tape, including his friends who had listened to all the tapes to get to theirs.  It was Clay’s turn to listen to the tapes and we could see it through his eyes and emotions as he unravels each cassette.

Throughout the tapes, we are shown flashbacks to Hannah Baker’s school life. It wasn’t easy for Hannah as she was constantly targeted by bullies, let down by friends and witness her friend been raped &  had also been raped herself.

Her family life at home revolved around her parents only caring about the business and arguing – leaving Hannah feeling isolated and even more alone.  This show connected with me to a certain extent to that I faced bullying in school and outside of school & I was let down by friends.  It is hard to convey such a tough subject through television and 13RW had done it perfectly, there are certain bits that do need to be changed but otherwise, it covers the subject of ‘Bullying’ very well and is very well written.

13RW is now returning on to its second season.  I aspire to create movies which convey meaning and a message like 13RW has done.

Wentworth Prison S1-3

My inspiration in the TV/Film industry is Wentworth Prison. Wentworth Prison has recently finished filming its 5th season which is due to air in May. Throughout the four seasons, I have seen development in regards to the camera, script, colour as well as adding a soundtrack. They use a range of angles and shot which brings suspense and effect. The colour is dark but not too dark which suggest the element of what prison is like. The overall editing of the episodes is edited sufficiently and with pace, making the clip look effective with the different angle shots.

I inspire to Wentworth Prison and hope to implement some of these shots and angles within my documentary and show-reel.