Week 19 – 2/6/17 to 9/6/17

This week, I put the final touches to my documentary and show-reel for the final cut. I am overall satisfied with my fine cuts – however, I do feel that they could have been better quality wise and the way they were shot and sequenced, especially the documentary. I don’t feel there is much drive for the documentary and that it kind of wanders into different parts instead of focusing on one core subject/location/area.  I felt it personally lacked attention with both editing and filming from lack of focus and leaving things till last minute which I was bad for doing back in HNC.  I do feel that this is a step from HNC level though and that somewhat I have improved from then.  My goal once I’ve finished college is to find full-time work as well as applying to be a runner for a part of a production. I feel that the course and lectures as a whole have guided me throughout the past 2 years – providing support and guidance within my work and been critical when they feel improvement is needed. I have always needed that extra push, as do many – procrastinate and end up rushing last minute.

I feel that the course and lectures as a whole have guided me throughout the past 2 years – providing support and guidance within my work and been critical when they felt improvement is needed. I have always needed that extra push, as do many who like myself procrastinate and end up rushing last minute.  This has prepared me for the world of work and has helped me find myself as a person and matured me in where I consider myself in the next few years.

My final cut of my show-reel is slightly better,  I took my peers and lecturers advice on board and tried to implement that in my show-reel. The lack of footage again in this is a let down as I felt for ‘Cinematography’ there could have been different shoots instead of the same/similar ones. I am overall satisfied with my show-reel and felt that I added as much of my peer’s comments suggestions within this.

I have also finished my promotional video for work experience, I am overall not satisfied with this but pleased with the footage that I captured.  Due to time constraints, I decided to make it a music promo with no dialogue. I did not have time to edit most clips to a professional standard and film also as there were more presenters within the station that were there at different times in the week – which I was not available for most.



Week 18 – 26/5/17 to 2/6/16

This week, I’m working on assembling a rough edit for my documentary. I got my lecturer looking over it to see what I needed to include and improve on, Alan Moffat gave me some advice to fill in the awkward blanks by recording a robot like a voice-over which he kindly volunteered to do for me. He also told me to add footage of clips of when the Megabytes Staff/Interviews are talking about certain subjects.    I’m not too overly confident on the documentary and still feel that it’s lacking taste, however, within the time constraints I am pleased with what I have so far. My aim for completion of my final of this is 7th June, along with submitting it appropriate paperwork.

My aim is to have a final edit of my show-reel by 4th June, ready for next week’s presentation for both the movie night to display our work and also during the GU presentation.  I am hoping to obtain a ‘B’ for my Graded Unit.

Wednesday Morning, I have assembled the video for Cumbernauld FMs promo – I felt I could’ve implemented more interviews within this – but due to lack of time and not been able to get certain presenters on days I was available, I couldn’t do this. I stuck to my two interviews which I have compiled of both presenter ‘George’ and ‘Craig’ along with the logo and sound fx of introducing Cumbernauld FM, I have used pictures and clips as cut-aways over the interviews fading out to contact details and address at the end. I have also included a  royalty free soundtrack within the edit.

I have spread out the re-sit amendments for my LO1-LO3 of critical analysis over 3 days working on them at night time from 31st May-2nd June so that next week, they can be signed off.

I have finished my motion graphic title for my production company.

I am overall satisfied with the graphic, however, feel that some elements could have gone better, due to time constraints I wasn’t able to implement more motion, which makes my graphic look pretty basic, overall pleased with the final project.

As this course draws to a close, I feel privileged to have work along side some amazing students as well as working with lectures that have had previous experience in the industry. It has been a learning curve for me these past 2 years at NCL.  Even though at timed I struggled, I pushed myself harder and tried better. I do feel that if I concentrated and stuck with deadlines properly that the detail of my work could’ve been better, I have seen slight process within my work as I’ve processed on to HND but still feel that it could’ve been better.  Overall, I am privileged to have been able to have this opportunity to learn and gain skills as well as contacts in the industry that I love which is HND TV production.

Week 17 – 19/5/17 to 26/5/17

I have to film my interview with Shaun and Caitlin again this week as well as going back up to Cumbernauld FM to film Craig as I accidentally put the SD with the footage into the CD slot of the Mac. This was a bit of a set back for me as I had to wait the following week to re-shot these.  However, I managed to re-shoot the footage and put it on my hard drive ready for editing.

I haven’t made a start on my work experience edit as I’m concentrating on having a final for both my documentary and show-reel. I will, however, concentrate next week on producing a quick promotional next week to be completed before 9th June at the latest so that I can get feedback for the last outcome and get the unit marked as completed.

We had a peer review on 19th, where we looked through everyone’s rough assemble of their show-reel and gave feedback for room to improve for the final edit due for presentation on 9th June.  I’m not too far off finishing my rough assemble for my documentary my aim is to have the rough next week and continue to work on my final within college time and after college on Thursday as well as getting a MacBook from the library to work on it within the weekend.

We also revised over notes for the next Law and Communication exam, which will be taking on 2nd June.

I’m overall not so confident on my documentary but more on my show-reel than anything. I do not feel that there is enough substance or drive within my documentary which shows my lack of motivation and heart for the subject.  My show-reel, however, is good but needs improvement in regards to shoots, colour correction and pacing the video to the beat. From watching my other peers show-reel it helped me gauge what I needed to improve on to work towards making my show-reel quality and editing wise

I am pleased with the idea of my motion graphic, however, it doesn’t feel very colour or vibrant enough and I could’ve experimented more if I had more time. It took me 2 days to assemble a moving carousel as I was overly rushing with instructions however, I did manage to complete the task leaving me with just adding my title and contact info as well as the soundtrack next week.

I will be working very hard over the next week on completing all my final edits, including my motion graphic.

Week 16 – 12/5/15 to 19/5/15

I have been working hard on both completing a short rough edit for both my documentary and show-reel both are gradually getting there. I am blessed with some of the shots that I have got for my content development and research unit for my documentary on gaming.  I, however, feel that from my presentation and treatment that it has slightly changed and is focusing more on Gaming within Glasgow as a whole.

I have to, however, film the interviews again that I got to college, as during the process of factory resetting my laptop, I realised that I’m missing the sound clips for interviews. I am happy to do the interviews again as the composition of the shots and the area in which it was filmed wasn’t very good.  I am re-shooting these on Thursday 18/05/17 during lunch time, along with getting Adam Norvah from sound production to do my V/O’s for me.  Once I get home, I will be editing these last key elements within my documentary to be able to submit a rough.

I am working on multiple things at the moment, my main priority currently being my documentary and my graded unit. I am currently working towards finishing my motion graphic title within 2 days, starting on Thursday 18/05/17 and finishing next week on 24/05/17. I am also working on finishing my work experience unit and producing a quick rough, my aim is to have all edits finalised by Monday 5th June to a good quality standard.

I feel that my journal is also lacking my own media of what I have done throughout the course of 2 years in NCL.  I will be adding my motion title once finished and my documentary/show-reel once finalised. I’ll be also adding some of the stuff I worked on within work experience to bulk up my page to show future employees or university interviewers what I can do.  I am hoping that this year my camera work shows more strength than it did last year, where I was only just getting used to new equipment as during my previous course in Stirling I didn’t use all the latest industry equipment or editing software.  I’ll also be adding what my inspiration was behind some of my projects as well adding reviews of some shows/films that I have been watching.  I am currently working my inspiration for the Netflix TV series ’13 Reasons Why’ which has become popular and most talked about the show recently.


Week 15 – 5/5/17 to 12/5/17

This week, I focused on completing my LO3 which was due for submission was I picked ‘Miss Congeniality’ to study.

I, however, completed half of the assignment but didn’t understand what framework I was supposed to put in and how many.  The presentation on Mahara had several – which I thought for LO3 you had to implement all of these frameworks, slightly confused I did half and the next day spoke to Micheal about it in our Wednesday class. He explained to myself and the rest of the class what we needed to do, I had brought in the DVD of the film I was analysing that day so during class I had a head start to finish when I got home.  We were given an extended deadline which was the Friday 12/5/17, I submitted on a Thursday evening for marking. I personally don’t feel 100% confident with all these assignments and feel that there are key elements missing within it.

I have also been working on add clips within my show-reel to make it flow, I still do not have a suitable royalty free/non-copyrighted soundtrack yet, however, I do have a short basis of clips which cover a wide range of shoots.

I feel that I’m getting there, with the work eventually but I am stressed at the same time with all the strikes that are going on – especially with deadlines coming up. I feel rather rushed with completing thins and not making them to the best standards.

Week 14 – 28/4/17 to 5/5/17

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

I spent my day fixing my critical analysis assessment and making sure it was pristine and that everything was covered for submitting, I wasn’t entirely confident with both assignments, I was still working towards finishing my LO1, however, I submitted my LO2 ready for marking.  I worked on a trailer for Doctor Doctor for my LO1 assignment.

Thursday 4th May 2017

For Work Experience, I am involved making a promotional video for Cumbernauld FM. I went during the morning of Thursday 4th May to film within the studios. I spoke to George, one of the radio morning broadcasters who broadcasts the ‘golden hour’. I interviewed George about the radio station, where people can find them, what shows and events are on, etc. I also got some cut-aways of gorge recording and using the equipment.  For this, I used prime lenses and experimented with different shoots.  I had Andrew Irvine helping me with sound.  I felt the shoot could’ve gone better in regards to perhaps more shots and steady shots as well as more shots from the tripod but with the size of the station I was limited. I feel that I’ve got a good amount of footage, however, I would like to get an interview with  ‘Tommy Marshall’ a broadcaster on one of his shows that he does at Cumbernauld FM.  I also finished off my LO1 ready for submitting for marking, again not 100% confident.


Week 12 – 14/4/17 to 21/4/17

Tuesday 18th to 21st April was  Creative Week in which both HNC TV Production and HND collaborated with HND Sound Students and artist/bands to create a music video. The brief to meet was to make a music video to the client’s needs.

I worked with a band called ‘Snout’ in Group C, they sound they wanted to make a music video for was ‘Revolution’ they already had a small vision of what they wanted within their music video.  Day 1 we discussed their ideas and did some research, they wanted a 60’s  B&W look but with the use of trippy effects and pastel colours. The story was about friends driving their car and meeting up to deal ‘lettuce’ and smoke it.   The HNC TV students within my team had to leave at 1 pm due to commitments which meant that myself and John (HND TV) did some shoots backstage. We, however, did bring the ideas any further in discuss as to it telling a story or properly assign roles. 

Day 2,  Our group finally managed to get the story together and right up to a shot list of what needed to be filmed. Dale McLean took the lead of this and made sure that the client was 100% happy.  We still didn’t assign roles but decided between all of us that we would take turns filming the music video and backstage.  Dale McLean got a variety of interviews during Day 2 then we got during Day 1 and started to edit it as we couldn’t film the music video during this day as there was only two of us after lunch again due to other group members personal commitments. We identified that we couldn’t do the green screen in the car due to the weather and time constraints, we also identified the location that we were going to film at.

Day 3,  Group C filmed all of the music video scenes required at ‘Luggie Bank’ in Cumbernauld within the given time frame from 10 am to 2 pm. We collected a variety of scenes for the music video as well as clips of the behind scenes part of the music video.  We then went back to the college to wrangle the footage and hand it over to Albert who was in charge of editing from the clips we had captured. Dale continued to edit the BS footage.  The band also finished their final mix of the song ready for the music video.

The final day, we prepped our music video and transfer the file to Andrea’s Johnson ready for the 2 PM viewing of all groups music videos on creative break.

I felt that creative break overall within my group could’ve gone better, there wasn’t really anyone taking a lead and nothing was really organised which mean that the day of filming it was rushed and no time and patience was considered in achieving decent footage as well as trying to stick with the shot list written on Day 2.  The edit I felt could’ve gone better also as the shot list had to be changed to somehow create a story with the usable clips that we had got.  I did, however, enjoy working with other students in different sectors and levels and took away from this the experience with working to a client’s brief. I feel I could’ve taken a more prompt role within the project – however, I was able to learn more within camera cinematography.



Week 13 – 21/4/17 to 28/4/17

Friday 28th, we went over notes in preparation for our upcoming exam on copyright, in this class I learned.

I also updated my journal, which was lacking appeal within the theme and blog entries which I lacked over the spring period as well as not working on my LO1 and LO2 for critical analysis and mainly only focusing on my showreel footage and documentary within that break.

My main focus now is getting the assignments done and completed for critical analysis and rough edits complete as well as completing my motion graphic ready for the final cut for presentation on 9th June.

I wasn’t able to film for my work experience due to the strikes, so rescheduled till next Thursday. In Alan’s class on Wednesday, I learned how to use the tracking dolly on the floor with the Sony V1E which gave the smooth pull-focus look, I also edited a bit more of my documentary.


Week 11 – 7/4/17 to 14/4/17

Wednesday 12th April, I helped Daryl Devine film the second instalment of his movie from ‘The Fellowship of Theo’ here I helped to set up the lights, give suggestions and also record the dialogue spoken by Sam McKay for sound. Unfortunately, due to illness, we couldn’t film everything that we had planned for the day of this shot.

Thursday 13th April, I filmed the final part of my documentary at ‘Megabytes Cafe’ in Glasgow which is just behind St Enoch. I spent from 10 am to 2 pm capturing cut-aways and two interviews within the cafe, unfortunately,  it wasn’t busy enough and there wasn’t a lot of customers during this time, however, I managed to get some decent interviews.

I felt, however, it was slightly overly rushed and I did not pay attention to the interview shots as much as they were both slightly out of focus on the subjects, however, I was overall pleased with the interviews and some of the cut-aways that I go to the cafe.

I then went back to the college to hand the equipment in and helped film ‘The Fellowship of Theo’ part two instalment were the cast we needed on the first day were able to attend. Here I helped set-up and dismantle the equipment as I only came in during the hours/minutes of filming.


Week 10 – 31/03/17 to 7/4/17

This is the first week of the Easter Holidays on Wednesday 5th April, I went to Glasgow to film some shots for my show-reel.  I met up with Daryl Devine, were we went to the East End of Glasgow and filmed at several locations –

  • Ashton Lane
  • Glasgow University (Outside The Grounds and Inside)

I got some really good DOP shots at Ashton Lane but mostly in Glasgow University where I captured the essence of spring with the daffodils and the culture of what makes Glasgow fit my treatment for my show-reel.

Thursday 6th April was my second day of filming my show-reel, I again met up with Daryl Devine in which we both went to the Glasgow Green to capture shots around the park such as the ‘Common Wealth’ Olympic statue, the botanical gardens & the park’s wildlife.

Through having Daryl Devine and also researching and studying beforehand, I felt more confident in setting up the camera that shots I have done previously in the past with the Canon DSLRs, although I wish for these two days of shooting my show-reel that I had a mixture of lenses than just the fixed prime lens. I also could’ve added in an extra day to go elsewhere to film as I had the equipment extended to keep over the weekend.


Week 9 – 24/03/17 to 31/03/17

This week I felt I moved forward slightly in filming my next part of my documentary, where I interviewed several people which in some way knew about competitive gaming.  I captured 3 interviews to use within my documentary. On the 14th April 2017, I plan to film at a gaming café/social area within Glasgow which hosts regular tournaments and game nights for avid gamers which will be the last bit of filming for this unit. Below is a screenshot of one of my interviews for which I feel is slightly over exposed in ISO, during editing I will colour grade these interviews so that there is less exposure.

I spent this week also writing out my script for my V/O for my documentary + a new set of questions for Megabytes Staff and customers as well as put the finishing touches on my research for my motion title. I need to complete a storyboard for the composition so after break/creative break – I will go straight into putting my motion graphic together.

  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?
  2. Are you aware of competitive gaming if YES what got you into competitive gaming and why?
  3. What platform do you play on and why?
  4. How long have you played competitively? (if played)
  5. Are you aware of the money side of competitive gaming?
  6. Would you play competitively for money or do you prefer playing in your spare time and why?
  7. Finally, what would you say to others wanting to get into competitive gaming?

” Competitive Gaming (e-sports) is a world of enthusiastic competitive gamers formed of organised multi-player video game competitions between professional players, the most common video game genres are fighting, first-person, shooter and battle arena  games, where you can catch these live events like Insomnia which streams popular and well-known tournament teams and players”



  1. What’s your name and what do you do at Megabytes?
  2. When did you first open?
  3. Could you tell us about Megabytes and what you offer?
  4.  Do you organise competitive events and if so what games do you regularly tournament?


  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?
  2. What brings you to Megabytes and why?
  3. Do you play games competitively?
  4. What games do you play competitively are you involved in any tournaments in Megabytes?
  5. How long have you played competitively?
  6. Are you aware of the career side to gaming?
  7. Finally, what would you say to others wanting to get into competitive gaming and getting involved at Megabytes?


I have rescheduled with Craig at Cumbernauld FM to do my work experience on Monday 10th April.

I have also outlined 2 days in which I’ll be going around Glasgow capturing footage at The West End, Barrowlands, etc in places that ‘Make Glasgow’ as my main focus and topic of my show-reel is ‘Glasgow’ and it’s scenery. I’ll be filming the first week of the Easter Holidays on Wed 5th April and Thursday 6th April for my show-reel and if I need anything else filmed I will be going straight from Megabytes on 14th April to the location needing to be filmed – if not completed within the two days of the first week of Easter Break.

I now feel at ease that I’ve scheduled dates for filming so when I come back after the holidays it just a matter of editing everything I’ve captured. I, however, have learnt from this not to leave things till last minute and that in future, I will schedule on a Google diary or on my phone – so that I’m properly organised.

Week 8 – 17/3/17 to 24/03/17

I have organised 3 interviews for my documentary on gaming in which I’m producing a script of questions for as well as producing my script for a V/O this week in preparation for filming on Wednesday 29th. Daryl Devine will be assisting me with Sound.  My final filming for my documentary will be at Megabytes which is a gaming café in Glasgow for gamers – which is used for organised tournaments for the locals and for general hanging out.  I will be also will be filming in the first week of the Easter holidays. I have also gained permission from them to use their clips/streams as cut-away during their interviews in which they have agreed on.

I will also be filming bits for my documentary during the first week of spring and the second week of spring. I aim to add bits of my promotional video within my show-reel.

I am also slowly developing my idea for my motion graphic production title, which I talked to Andrea’s about. I have decided to use pictures for my motion graphic of events I’ve been to as I feel this represents me, as I like to travel and go to different things & capture photos of that event.

My aim is to complete all my filming for both my documentary and show-reel plus its necessary paperwork for coming back after the Easter holidays so that it’s just a matter of spending the end of April and all of May editing it all.